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How much will my divorce cost?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2016 | Family Law

It’s one of the most common questions people have about getting a divorce.

When it comes to cost, the primary rule in getting a divorce is the more the parties fight, the more the divorce will cost . The opposite is also true: the less the parties fight, the less the divorce will cost. This is true whether the divorce is filed in TN or elsewhere.


Even when we know what issues are contested, the intensity of the parties’ feelings, and the complexity of the issues, it is difficult to give a realistic estimate of total legal fees. If the parties want to settle, make compromises, and end the matter quickly, they can do so. If the parties do not trust each other, want complete discovery of all assets and liabilities, and argue many issues to the bitter end (no matter what the issue is) the process becomes very long, drawn out, and expensive.

It is important to understand that going to trial is almost always more expensive than settling a lawsuit.

When we discuss what a divorce costs, you should be aware that there are multiple ways you will have to pay—with your time, emotions, and money.


1. Time

There will likely be many hours spent in preparing your lawsuit by both you and your attorney.  Your attorney will be the one preparing the documents, developing strategy, and giving you counsel. You will be the one providing the attorney with facts, evidence, and issues. Attorney and client must work together as a team in order to achieve the goals and outcome you want from the divorce.

You must make a commitment to put time into your divorce case. You should be prepared, and spend the time to do the work on your case. If you do, the outcome of your case will be more satisfactory and inexpensively litigated than if you didn’t spend the time. You should weigh the price that you pay with your time, emotions, and money to determine whether certain issues are worth taking to court.


2. Emotions


3. Money

Preparing and trying a lawsuit is very expensive. Our legal professionals at Batson Nolan encourage you to scrutinize the issues or your divorce during the early stages to determine which ones can be settled. We do not recommend making unreasonable or unnecessary concessions, but we do recommend that you look carefully at the issues that separate you and your spouse. You exercise some control over the issues in your case. Consider making any concessions you feel comfortable agreeing upon. This will help bring your case to a speedy conclusion and thus reduce your legal fees. Litigation often leads to further litigation and attorneys bill by the hour.  If you can save your attorney time by doing some preliminary work, then your money can be used more efficiently.


When considering a divorce, remember, there are many factors that can make the process more stressful. Here at Batson Nolan, our experienced Family Law Team is here to help. Contact ustoday to make an appointment to find the right lawyer for your case. With offices located in Clarksvilleand Springfield, TN, our legal professionals have been proudly serving Tennessee, Kentucky and beyond since 1860.