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Client Reviews

Our clients have great things to say about Batson Nolan, but you don’t have to take our word for it.

“We bought our first home in Clarksville and the real estate team at Batson Nolan helped us navigate the closing process. We were concerned we would be overwhelmed with documents we did not understand, but they took the time to explain all of the paperwork as we progressed so that we were comfortable with everything by the time we were done. Batson Nolan helped simplify what seemed to be a very complex process, which made our home buying experience enjoyable.”

– Jessica L.

* * *

“After spending a great deal of time researching military divorce attorneys in Clarksville I hired Batson Nolan. My attorney took the time to guide me through the process and explain what I should expect. The personal attention and expertise made what was an otherwise difficult process as painless as possible.”

– Elise M.

* * *

“I hired Batson Nolan to help with a sensitive and complex matter. My attorneys were discreet in their representation and provided the counsel I needed quickly and professionally.”

– David S.

* * *

“My wife and I contacted Batson Nolan to help us with our estate planning documents after being referred by a close friend. We did not have what we believed were enough assets to need formal estate planning, but the attorneys explained in easy to understand terms why making our wishes known was important, particularly for our children. The process didn’t take long, and we are much more comfortable knowing that our assets will be distributed in the manner we chose.”

– Thomas C.

* * *

“My business partner and I hired Batson Nolan to form a Limited Liability Company. The business lawyers were thorough in preparing the documents and made sure we understood the business structure and our responsibilities as members. We will most certainly come back to Batson Nolan for any future business organizational work.”

– Stewart S.

* * *

“My husband was hit by a speeding vehicle and sustained serious injuries. We called on Batson Nolan’s personal injury attorneys to discuss our options, and hired them to handle our claim. The attorneys kept us informed throughout the process, made sure we understood how long a case like ours may take, and set realistic expectations for recovery. We obtained a much higher settlement than we anticipated with the personal injury attorneys at Batson Nolan on our side. We have since hired the firm to handle several business matters.”

– Pamela T.