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Father’s Day Safety Tips: Stay Away from Gifts That May Injure Your Dad

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2021 | Personal Injury

Every June, we all get the chance to honor our fathers. It is a time of reflection where we think back over the past year and recognize the sacrifices and contributions our fathers have made to make our lives more fulfilling. At this time, many of us spend some time wondering about the perfect gift to show our dad just how much he means to us. It can be a tough choice that largely depends on dad’s interests and hobbies. But one thing we don’t always consider is whether the gift we decide on is safe.

Dad’s Hobbies May Require Dangerous Equipment

The fact is that many dads around the country engage in hobbies that involve or require equipment that can be dangerous. We don’t mean to stereotype, and it is certainly possible that your dad enjoys hobbies where the danger element is low. For instance, today’s dad may enjoy hobbies that were traditionally associated with women. Hobbies like knitting, crocheting, sewing, and gardening really don’t have much of a risk of injury and can be enjoyed by both men and women alike. Sure, you can jab yourself with a sewing needle, cut yourself with fabric shears, or accidentally stab yourself with a gardening tool—but that doesn’t make these innocuous hobbies inherently dangerous. So if dad loves crocheting, feel free to go all out and buy him whatever he needs.

But if your dad happens to enjoy pastimes like sports, carpentry, home renovations, or landscaping—or is the consummate do-it-yourselfer—these activities come with a significantly higher inherent danger level. Typical do-it-yourself or athletic dads engage in many activities that can result in injury.

Sporting Equipment and Danger

Most people know that sports can cause injury. Whether you get tackled on a football field or take a dive while hang-gliding over the ocean, sports involve physical movement. And whenever you move your body, the potential for injury exists. Therefore, you could make the argument that any sporting equipment poses a risk of injury. Some higher-risk examples include:

  • Bicycles,
  • Trampolines,
  • Dirt bikes,
  • Racquet sports,
  • Skate boards,
  • Skates,
  • Skis, and
  • Workout equipment.

Even though physical activity can provide many health benefits, the truth is that sports activities also result in a wide variety of injuries every year. So if your father loves participating in sports and you want to buy him something related to these activities, you might consider getting him safety equipment. In other words, instead of buying him a new high-speed bicycle or dirt bike, you could get him a top-of-the-line helmet. Or instead of buying him that new snowboard, you might get him protective goggles and gloves.

Do-It-Yourself and Construction Equipment Danger

If your dad enjoys home renovations or simply building things, he is likely to use equipment that is inherently dangerous. Obviously, dangerous construction equipment includes things like:

  • Power saws,
  • Chainsaws,
  • Nail guns,
  • Power drills,
  • Grinders,
  • Air compressors,
  • Axes, and
  • Wood chippers.

Even something as simple as a ladder can present grave health risks if used improperly or without taking proper safety precautions. But if this is what your dad enjoys doing, what choices do you have? Well, again, you could always focus on showing him how much you care by providing safety equipment as a gift. Protective eyewear, gloves, and noise blockers are good options if you wish to signal caution to the do-it-yourselfer in your dad.

What to Do If Dad Gets Injured

Even though many dads engage in moderately dangerous activities at one point or another, most of them proceed with caution. So even if your dad has dangerous hobbies, he probably takes adequate safety measures. And even though some gifts may pose more of an inherent risk of injury, almost any item can cause injury if it is defective or not used properly.

For instance, suppose that Jake is Sherry and Sam’s dad. Sherry buys Jake a top-of-the-line Bluetooth speaker for father’s day while Sam buys him a power saw. Since Jake knows how to handle a power saw, he uses it happily and without incident for a year. But after 5 months of continual use, the Bluetooth speaker suddenly catches fire and burns Jake so badly that he has to go to the emergency room for treatment. Even though the speaker inherently posed far less risk of danger, it is what actually ended up harming Jake. This example illustrates a possible defective product case. Why? Because the only logical reason that a speaker spontaneously catches fire is that it was defective to start with.

So if your dad gets injured by any gift, the first thing to do is to get him medical attention. The second thing to do is to call a product liability attorney who practices personal injury law. Your attorney can determine if the injury was caused by negligence and whether your father is entitled to compensation. They will consider various aspects of product liability law to determine if there were defects in design or manufacturing. Additionally, your lawyer can assess whether the company provided inadequate safety instructions or warnings of potential harm. Any of these factors can serve as the basis for an injury claim against the company that put a harmful product into the marketplace.

Call an Experienced Product Liability Lawyer

This father’s day, you can certainly avoid buying dad a gift that has the potential to result in injury. If your father is an avid reader, get him a series of books. If he loves simple electronic gadgets like Bluetooth speakers, laptops, or video game consoles, feel free to indulge his delights. But keep in mind that any item can potentially cause injury. So whether you get him an inherently dangerous gift or not, if injury results, we are here to help. The experienced product liability and personal injury legal team at Batson Nolan PLC will protect you or your dad’s right to compensation if a faulty product results in injury. We know Tennessee personal injury law. We can assess your case and guide you toward recovering damages that the law entitles you to. Call or contact us online to set up a free initial consultation, and get your case started today.