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Batson Nolan PLC, Experienced Banking Law Lawyer in Clarksville, Tennessee

Attorneys in this area:

Christina M. Bartee | Matthew Ellis

The experienced banking and finance attorneys at Batson Nolan PLC assist banks, lenders, businesses and individuals with legal advice on transaction and litigation matters, as well as regulations and compliance. We have expertise in the preparation and enforcement of loan documents, including foreclosure and litigation.

Our Clarksville banking lawyers serve as general counsel to financial institutions in Montgomery and Robertson counties, and throughout Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. We work with banks and lenders in credit transactions in a variety of industries secured by all types of collateral. We have experience negotiating terms and preparing documents for new loan transactions, including promissory notes, loan agreements and inter-creditor agreements. Our attorneys prepare all documents necessary to create and perfect the lender’s security interest in collateral.

Batson Nolan PLC‘s banking and finance attorneys have a strong creditors’ rights practice. We assist lenders with the enforcement and collection of unpaid debt, both secured debt and debt unsecured by collateral. We are experienced with foreclosure of real property, sales of personal property under Article 9, enforcement of lien rights and other avenues that do not require litigation.

We use our depth of experience in the Bankruptcy Court to protect our clients’ interests in all bankruptcy Chapters, including negotiating and approving the plan for reorganization, arguing for stay relief and objecting to the discharge of the proceeding. Our law firm does not represent individuals in bankruptcy matters due to conflicts that arise in the representation of our institutional clients.

If you need a banking or finance law attorney in Clarksville, or you’re a Robertson or Montgomery County lender who needs assistance enforcing creditors’ rights, contact Batson Nolan PLC. To schedule a confidential consultation with a banking and finance attorney in Clarksville or Springfield, call931-650-5484 or 615-656-7021, or contact our law firm online.

Offering Legal Assistance In These Areas:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Banking Transactions
  • Secured Transactions
  • Mortgages
  • Commercial Lending
  • Consumer Lending
  • Collection
  • Foreclosure

Batson Nolan PLC is a full-service law firm. We represent a variety of legal matters in Clarksville, including: