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Legal Guidance To Help Franchises Succeed

Whether you are a franchiser or an entrepreneur looking to expand and franchise a business, you can benefit from the experienced legal guidance our team at Batson Nolan PLC can provide. Our franchise attorneys can help franchisers and franchisees looking to expand multiple types of businesses, including car dealerships, restaurants and shops.

For decades, our firm has maintained an established reputation for providing sound legal guidance and representation for clients in Tennessee and Kentucky. We can assist you with a wide range of needs, including drafting franchise agreements, dispute resolution and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Understanding Tennessee’s Franchise Relationship Laws

Tennessee is a nonregistration state, but there are still specific laws franchisers must comply with. The state’s franchise laws regulate the relationship between a franchiser and a franchisee. Under Tennessee law, a franchise is an agreement that grants another party the right and license to use a trademark or the right to sell goods or services.

Tennessee’s franchise relationship laws include restrictions regarding:

  • A franchiser’s right to terminate an agreement without good cause
  • A franchiser must give a franchisee 30 days to cure defaults
  • A franchiser’s right to deny a franchise agreement renewal without 60 days notice and good cause
  • A franchiser cannot limit family transfers and restricts right o disapprove nonfamily transfers

Violating franchise relationship laws in Tennessee can result in lawsuits and expensive legal fees. Franchisers must also comply with the Federal Franchise Rule that requires disclosure 14 days prior to signing an agreement and FDD issuance.

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Even without registration laws, franchise law in Tennessee can quickly become complicated. You can trust us to help you follow regulations, overcome disputes and meet your goals. Call us to schedule a consultation at 931-650-5484 or send us an email. We have convenient office locations in Clarksville and Springfield to best assist clients throughout Tennessee and Kentucky.