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The Multifaceted Family Law Guidance You Need

No family law case is ever simple. Many people have complex assets, own businesses or worry about the future of their family. If you need assistance with a family law concern in Clarksville or Springfield, our experienced attorneys are here for you.

At Batson Nolan PLC, we understand that many legal concerns touch on multiple areas of your life. When you work with us, you obtain the benefit of a law firm that has a comprehensive practice encompassing family law, business law, civil litigation, estate planning and real estate law. If you own a business or have a complex estate, you can trust us to help you navigate the property division process.

Comprehensive Family Law Representation

If you own a business or professional practice, getting a divorce and dividing your property can be an even more difficult process. In these cases, you need an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to work with complex assets and property. Depending on your circumstances, we will work with you on asset valuation to ensure a fair divorce settlement that meets your goals.

Our family law attorneys can assist you with a wide range of legal concerns, including:

Every family law case differs, and while some cases may require litigation, we can help resolve many disputes through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods. We will thoroughly review your case and advise you of your options before proceeding. You can always trust us to advocate for your best interests.

Schedule A Consultation With A Family Law Attorney Today

Whatever your family situation looks like, you can trust our attorneys to provide the multifaceted guidance and representation you need to get through this difficult time. To discuss your case with one of our lawyers, call us at 931-650-5484 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.