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Contemplating Surrogacy In Tennessee? Our Clarksville Surrogacy Attorneys Can Help

Regardless of whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate seeking to undergo the process in Tennessee, Batson Nolan PLC can assist you in navigating this complex yet rewarding journey.

Similar to many other jurisdictions across the country, Tennessee has implemented a unique statutory scheme and legal route you must abide by in order to fully protect your rights and interests when pursuing surrogacy. With over 150 years of providing unparalleled legal services to our clients, we have the experience and resources to help you along every step of the way so you can focus on what really matters: Fulfilling your surrogacy and parenthood goals with the least amount of stress and hassle possible.

Tennessee Surrogacy Statutes

There are several factors that can potentially influence your surrogacy experience from a legal perspective, such as your relationship status, biological connection to your son or daughter and other individualized elements. In the state of Tennessee, specifically, there is a compilation of a number of nuanced and complex court opinions that differentiate the closely related processes of surrogacy and adoption and establish the legal path for surrogacy as well. The Clarksville surrogacy lawyers at Batson Nolan PLC can assist you in interpreting this precedent and explain how it impacts your case.

If you or a loved one are thinking about surrogacy in Tennessee, it is important to keep in mind that there are zero prohibitions against compensating surrogates. And although there are a number of legal hurdles to jump through when it comes to traditional surrogacy, hopeful parents undergoing a gestational surrogacy with a minimum of one genetic connection can usually receive a pre-birth order with minimal issues or delays. Surrogacy by way of egg donors or embryos may be more challenging in Tennessee, however. If you are weighing this option, our Clarksville surrogacy attorneys can advise you on the best approach to doing so.

Competent Legal Counsel At Every Step Of The Surrogacy Process

At Batson Nolan PLC, we take pride in providing you with exemplary and easily accessible legal services during every stage of the surrogacy process, including locating an ideal surrogate or intended parents; drafting and executing the surrogacy contract – ensuring your rights and interests are fully addressed and protected during the negotiation phases; finalizing the medical treatment steps; obtaining a pre-birth order; and establishing parental statuses.

There are a multitude of additional steps and details inherent to completing the Tennessee surrogacy process, all of which Batson Nolan PLC has experience handling with the utmost attention and care. We will closely collaborate with you and your family to ensure that you are constantly informed and completely understand what is taking place at each stage of your personal surrogacy route.

Our experienced legal team also handles other family legal matters, including:

Batson Nolan PLC has been representing clients since 1860. Over the course of that century and a half of providing exemplary legal services, we have handled virtually every type of legal scenario, including the most complex and nuanced surrogacy cases. To learn more about how our experienced Clarksville surrogacy lawyers can assist you, contact us online, call us at 931-650-5484 or visit one of our two conveniently located offices today:

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