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Divorce Lawyers For High-Net-Worth Individuals In Clarksville, Tennessee

For high-net-worth individuals, certain aspects of the divorce process take on heightened importance. From protecting your investments to ensuring that you will be able to continue enjoying your prized possessions once your marriage is over, appropriately handling the property-related and financial aspects of your divorce will be critical to ensuring that your standard of living is preserved.

At Batson Nolan PLC, we provide strategic, forward-thinking, and detail-oriented legal representation for divorcing high-net-worth spouses in Clarksville, Tennessee. Our divorce lawyers have extensive experience with all matters involved in high-net-worth divorces, and we are committed to protecting our clients’ wealth to the greatest extent possible. Whether you have built a successful business, you are an accomplished professional, or you have accumulated your wealth through other means, you deserve to keep what you have earned, and we are here to make sure your future financial standing is secure.

I consulted with the family law attorneys at Batson Nolan to help me create a parenting plan as part of my divorce. The entire process was a very stressful time for me, but my attorney took the time to explain every step along the way, and I walked away with a fair plan. – Brian G.

How We Protect The Interests Of High-Net-Worth Spouses In Clarksville, Tennessee

From the perspective of wealth preservation, a divorce under Tennessee law involves three core components: (i) property division, (ii) spousal support (or alimony), and (iii) child support. Of these, child support is typically the least concern for high-net-worth individuals, as Tennessee utilizes a statutory formula and the maximum mandatory payments are usually easily affordable.

Protecting Your Assets

Property division and spousal support, however, can be different matters entirely. With regard to property division, Tennessee follows the principle of “equitable distribution.” While “equitable” does not mean “equal,” it does mean that both spouses will generally be entitled to a significant portion of the overall marital estate. As a result, when preparing to go through a divorce, high-net-worth spouses must think critically about their priorities with regard to protecting assets such as:

  • Brokerage accounts and other investments
  • Retirement assets
  • Privately-held businesses
  • Luxury vehicles and boats
  • Primary and vacation residences
  • Investment real estate
  • Collections
  • Other high-value items of personal property

Critically, only spouses’ marital assets are subject to equitable distribution. This generally excludes assets acquired prior to the date of marriage. However, there are exceptions. And in order to determine which assets are on the table in your divorce, it will be necessary to thoroughly address the issue of “separate” versus “marital” property.

Ensuring An Appropriate Alimony Award

Tennessee’s alimony laws are uniquely complicated. There are four distinct types of alimony in Tennessee, and calculating an appropriate alimony award requires thorough consideration of a laundry list of factors. Regardless of whether you expect to pay or receive spousal support, obtaining a just result requires the ability to use these factors to your advantage. Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with alimony in the context of high-net-worth divorces, and we can put this experience to work for you.

Get Started with a Confidential Initial Consultation

When going through a divorce, preparation is key to achieving a favorable outcome. Our attorneys are prepared to sit down with you, discuss your personal financial circumstances, and help you make informed decisions about protecting your wealth during your divorce.

Our experienced legal team also handles other family legal matters cases, including:

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