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Springfield Real Estate Lawyers

Buying and selling real property in Springfield, Tennessee, is an exciting step for new and seasoned property owners. For residential sellers, it represents a chance to start fresh somewhere new. For commercial buyers, it’s a prime opportunity to leverage Springfield’s booming business economy.

But real estate transactions come with potential twists and turns, especially for the untrained eye. Parties must meet essential deadlines and fulfill legal requirements in the correct order to close the deal successfully.

That’s where a Springfield real estate lawyer comes in. They have the legal knowledge and negotiating skills to help ensure that the transaction runs as smoothly as possible.

Since 1860, Batson Nolan PLC has provided outstanding and reliable real estate legal services to clients throughout Tennessee. Whether you are in the commercial or residential real estate space, our team can handle it.


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What Types Of Matters Does A Springfield Real Estate Lawyer Handle?

Real estate law is a diverse and expansive field, encompassing virtually all aspects of real property transactions and concerns. Attorneys who practice

in this area are familiar with a wide variety of legal issues particular to property, like contracts, zoning, boundary lines, easements, titles, and other aspects of real estate.

Batson Nolan is equipped to address even the most complex real estate transactions.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Buying a home represents the most significant purchase most individuals will make. Even though transactions may follow the same general pattern, each one is unique and requires fresh eyes and a keen sense of detail to navigate successfully.

A real estate attorney performs the following vital services:

  • Drafts and reviews deeds;
  • Negotiates and drafts contract terms;
  • Helps ensure the buyer secures appropriate financing;
  • Reviews and approves title insurance documents;
  • Proposes modifications to the contract as needed; and
  • Attends the closing to ensure proper conveyance of legal title from seller to buyer.

Our legal team routinely helps people navigate Springfield residential real estate transactions. We strive to work with all parties to help ensure that the deal goes smoothly from the day you contact us to the closing.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate is in demand as people consider shifting to in-office work after the pandemic pause. Commercial real estate is in business once again, whether it’s a new manufacturing site, shopping center, or office suite.

Commercial real estate requires a trained eye because of the complex nature of these transactions. Our attorneys regularly assist commercial property clients in the following areas:

  • Negotiating and drafting commercial contracts;
  • Reviewing zoning and permitting requirements;
  • Helping ensure compliance with commercial development laws;
  • Analyzing and drafting financing documents; and
  • Preparing and reviewing title documents.

We will also help ensure the parties receive the necessary approvals to effect the transaction. We’re familiar with the types of permissions involved in commercial transactions. Our legal team will perform the required due diligence to get the job done right.

We have the business savvy and experience to navigate commercial real estate transactions in Springfield, Tennessee.

Real Estate Disputes

Real estate transactions involve many moving parts and multiple parties at any given time. If a dispute arises, it’s crucial to have a competent and skillful real estate attorney on your side.

An attorney can review the situation and advise you on the steps to take to remedy it. If they cannot resolve the dispute outside of court, they can file a lawsuit on your behalf to protect your rights.

Real estate disputes that our attorneys handle regularly include the following:

  • Title disputes;
  • Boundary line disputes;
  • Landlord-tenant disagreements;
  • Financing issues;
  • Foreclosures;
  • Evictions; and
  • Breach of contract claims.

Whether you are an individual or a commercial client, we understand that your priority is helping ensure you minimize your liability and maximize the compensation you receive for your trouble. We will do what is necessary to resolve the dispute without compromising your rights.

Do I Need A Springfield Real Estate Attorney?

Tennessee doesn’t require that you hire an attorney, but it’s generally a smart idea to do so. While real estate agents can help you locate properties and perform other vital tasks, only an attorney can advise you on Springfield real estate law.

Batson Nolan—Providing Steadfast And Reliable Legal Counsel To Tennessee For Over 160 Years

If you are looking to buy or sell residential or commercial real estate in Springfield, Tennessee, call us today at 931-650-5484 or contact us online.

We can help you negotiate and draft the contract and help ensure that you and the other parties fulfill your essential obligations under the agreement. We will also help demystify the real estate transaction process.

Our experienced lawyers also handle other legal cases, including: